Getting the job done the DUTCH way


Being Dutch, I love the water. This is no surprise as Holland was created by re-claiming the land. The Netherlands (Holland) is a country that thrives on its export. And fittingly, I'm an export too. I moved to the UK in 2006.

Having voiced for big brands like Apple, BMW, Vodafone, Airbnb and Siemens I also provide voice-overs for local and regional businesses, corporate videos, radio and TV commercials, apps, games, e-learning, trainings and more. Mostly, producers use my native Dutch voice-overs for their productions. That's 80% of my day-to-day. But the other 20% can come as a surprise because some of my clients prefer to have the same voice for their English videos with a Dutch accent.

I love working in my studio, being creative and promptly getting the job done with success.

Whatever the production may be, I understand that efficiency is important to you. My ultimate goal is to make you look good by making your clients happy.