How to find the perfect voice for your production

Finding the right voice for your production can be quite a task. What if there is an easy way to clearly structure your search, which saves a huge amount of time and... finds you the right voice? Well, that's precisely where this blog might help you.

In order to answer how to find the right voice for your productions, the first thing we need to know is:

  • WHAT type of production are your producing
  • WHO is the audience
  • WHEN does it need to be finished by

I get it, there is nothing more depressing than scrolling through endless websites with voice demos. In the end they all sound 'kind of okay', and you can't remember the first three you listened to. Comparing can be an endless task. Besides, you are shooting for TOP NOTCH, not just any voice that's 'kind of okay'.

So, what would be considered a "TOP NOTCH" voice? I hope that the following will help you to find what you are looking for.


You are shooting for TOP NOTCH,

not just any voice that's mediocre


1. How do you recognise a professional voice-over?

A successful professional voice-over is able to keep the attention of the viewer/listener, so that they keep watching. They understand the best practices, standards and etiquette that come with their profession. They have been educated for many years on delivery, sound quality and how to run a business, marketing, social media and much more.

The type of production you are working on, cuts out a major task of listening to pages of voice demos. Is your production a radio commercial, explainer movie, animation, an app, an audio book or an audio guide? All of these are different skill sets for a voice-over professional. Some might be able to deliver only explainer movies and corporate narrations. Others are also able to deliver a commercial read. The most versatile voice-overs will be able to deliver any, with the appropriate pace, sound, emphases, atmosphere and liveliness. You don’t want someone shouting, sounding like a robot or someone who sounds like they are reading something they had written down.

Professional voices know how to make a script come ‘alive’, so that it sounds personable, interesting and engaging.


2. Target group

When searching for the perfect voice, think of the following: does this voice fit with the target group I am aiming for? A good question you could ask yourself is: “Would I hire this person if I would have to present my business to a live audience?” Your clients need to feel relaxed, engaged and be made enthusiastic by the voice they are listening to.

It would be advisable when you deliver a script to a voice-over that it is written in a personable manner, easy to understand. This helps the voice-over to deliver your story to your target group truthfully. They are also able to deliver copy regardless of him/her knowing something about the topic itself.

A professional voice-over is trained to recognise your target group and deliver the script in such a way that you have an impact on your client.


3. Timing is everything

Obviously you want your audio to be delivered in outstanding quality and in the right format. These audio values are very important for the quality of your video or commercial. If your message lacks sound quality, it means that your client will be distracted and it also leaves them disappointed about your company. A professional voice-over is able to deliver outstanding audio quality, without any noises or mouth clicks and deliver audio that is ready to be used in broadcast quality.

Most importantly, professional voice talent will make themselves available and are able to deliver on time. It is one of their main assets. They are easily approachable, are friendly in their communication and offer to help you. You could always ask if there is a possibility to listen in during the recording by setting up a phone patch, using a landline or Skype for example. This way you are able to direct the voice-over during the recording.

Instead of scrolling through many demos with all sorts of content, you could always create your own database of voices, who you send a script to for a custom demo. Most of them will be able to deliver this on the same day, making your work process faster. You now have an actual part of the script that can be tested in your video with background music. This should give a clear idea who is most suitable.





And then there is the conversation about rates. This is usually not something that is being discussed immediately, unless the producer proposes a certain amount for a particular voice job. Please be reminded that a professional voice artist will most likely charge a basic studio tariff. This covers running costs of their studio and education, which makes it possible for them to deliver the best quality audio.


4. Bonus tip: Connect

There is a lot involved with finding the right voice-over for your product, presentation, e-learning programme, explainer video, commercial or web video. Sometimes the best way to find out whether someone is the right voice for your production is to reach out, have a chat and connect.

For many years providing voice-overs has been my passion and it has been amazing to deliver for companies all over the world, such as Apple, AirBnB, BMW, Vodafone and Siemens as well as local and medium sized businesses.

It is my aim to co-produce quality productions by bringing scripts to live. If you would like to know more or I can help you with a voice-over for your next project, please feel free to visit: